The Second Step

I’ve started chronicling this journey, the first step.

I jumped to the second one when I realized that this Sunday, tomorrow, would be my book club meeting. I am in charge of dessert, and usually make a towering cake.

But I’m determined to feel better. So, 10 days ago, I went cold turkey on gluten. September 2nd. Step two.

On September 3rd, I remembered that we’d be at a wedding on the 5th. That means I’d miss the wedding cake, and as all who know me can tell you, I love cake. My resolve was strong, and it turns out, I was rewarded for that resolve. The bride and groom served two cakes, one of which was cheesecake. I ate the insides, avoiding the crust.

I think it is possible that I have a strong intolerance for gluten. I may have full-blown celiac disease, but more on that to come. I figured I’d risk the cross-contamination of the graham cracker crust, and I scraped a bit of frosting off of the chocolate cake, because it was a celebration, after all.

I’ve noticed, now that I’ve been gluten free for a little over a week, that I’m less bloated. My digestion is not as violent a process as it has been for so long. And, I wheeze less.

I wheeze and squeak a great deal, because I’m allergic to ALMOST EVERY DAMN PLANT IN THE WORLD, which I think keeps me kind of run down on a permanent basis. So, wheezing less is a good start.

My husband hasn’t said much about this attempt at radically reforming my diet. I think he’s skeptical. I’ve attempted this before, but given in to the temptation of freshly-baked bread and breakfast tacos with flour tortillas.

Interestingly, he actually keeps a fairly gluten-free diet, with the notable exception of drinking plenty of beer. I think he’s just given up on commenting on what I eat (or don’t eat), because he doesn’t know what is going to trigger an overly-emotional/negative response from me.

But that’s another story.

Second step, eating without gluten. I may eventually let some back in, but I think it best to go without for now and see if that helps the healing.


(Oh – for book club, I’m making the gluten-free version of David Leite’s chocolate chip cookies as interpreted by the fabulous Gluten Free Girl, Mexican vanilla ice cream, and meringues to use up the egg whites left over from making the ice cream.)

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