All In My Head – Or Feet

I’ve done pretty well at avoiding gluten for several weeks now, but had two slips this weekend. Tired and hungry, I got a breakfast taco Sunday morning, but forgot to specify a corn tortilla. Then, invited to dinner with friends who didn’t know about my recent flip, I ate part of a hamburger bun.

I got an upset stomach, and my feet burned and itched. Distractingly, although not painfully.

In the past, I’ve talked to the doctor about my feet burning and itching. We weren’t talking about the effect gluten could have on me during those conversations. I’ve been tested for diabetes, and do not have it, and of course we looked at the possibility of it being a fungal situation (it wasn’t). The doctor could not come up with any other reason I’d have this condition.

It just seems odd to me that it would happen the day I carelessly eat gluten. I took an allergy pill (I was also very congested), went to bed, and the problem is gone this morning. Does anyone have any insight?

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