Brooks Brothers Women

A few years ago, I did a liquid diet, and lost 50 pounds.

For a few months, I was on a shopping binge. Well, what counts as a binge for me, as I hate to shop almost as much as I hate to spend money. But I digress.

I was browsing at the Brooks Brothers store designed just for women. I wasn’t the thinnest person in the store—I was still in size 12s and 14s—so the sales lady wasn’t paying as much attention to me as she was to the other people there.

I saw a man and woman come in. She was heavier than I was. She looked at a couple of racks of clothes and quickly walked out. Her husband seemed confused, so followed her out and they had a quick conversation. I didn’t overhear much, but he said something like ‘well, wait, I’ll ask,’ then walked back into the store.

“Do you know whether there are any stores close by,” he asked the sales lady, “with larger women’s sizes?”

The clerk shook her head very decisively in the NO direction.

“No. I can’t think of any in the mall.”

Now, I know that not every store has larger-sized women’s clothes. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons I hate shopping so much. But this was ridiculous! The woman was outside with her head down, looking mortified, and her husband was looking at the clerk as though perhaps she did not understand his question.

But the clerk kept shaking her head.

I’d already tried on a couple of suits, and was looking for shirts. I was prepared to drop $500 or so. But I didn’t.

Instead, I walked over to the husband, intercepting him before he got out the front door. Rather more loudly than anyone would have preferred, I pointed out to him that:

  • Directly across the way was a Talbot’s store with a women’s section.
  • The Macy’s, also just a few more steps down the mall, had women’s plus sizes on the third floor.
  • Nordstrom, straight past Macy’s, and also on the third floor, had an even bigger section.

I did not go back into Brooks Brothers, but I did give the clerk a very pointed look that, if she was paying attention, she would have known meant hey, be nice to the fat girls, because we could all be the fat girls.

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