Lock & Load

I had my orientation at the new gym this afternoon.

I thought the trainer would just show me how to log in & out of the Fitlinxx system, but we actually went through a did a set on each of the machines. It was sort of odd, because the computer program called for answering some fairly detailed questions about my workout goals, like target heart rate for cardio, that we just talked through pretty quickly. I didn’t go into my exercise phobia, but I did stress that I’d be starting s-l-o-w.

Now, time to focus on making working out a habit.

I used to work out first thing in the morning, but I’m getting the feeling (after 2 visits, but still) that mid-afternoon is going to be the ideal time for workouts. No one is there at 3 on a Friday – awesome!

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2 Responses to Lock & Load

  1. ladonnabeeker says:

    Congrats on starting at a new gym. Finding out which routine works best for you is the only way you’ll stick with it. I started out going in the mornings before work. Now I go after work. I’m still trying to decide which works better for me, and I’ve been working out for 10 weeks. 🙂 I wish you much success!

    • Thanks! I really appreciate you making time to comment. The new elliptical machine at the new gym was hilarious – I couldn’t get it to budge at first, but then the trainer gave me a tip and I almost fell off the thing because I had put so much energy into trying to get it to move the wrong way that when I did it the right way, it was like kicking off with the force of 5,000 pounds. Onward!

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