No, Really, Worst Enemy

I just posted (to hold myself accountable) that I would start using the Lose It! app today, and here I sit, already talking myself out of it because it doesn’t do everything I want it to do.

Namely, track emotions. I named this blog Balancing my Chemicals because, while I’ve been able to lose significant amounts of weight in the past, I’ve never been able to tie that weight loss to a shift in my emotional connection to food. I’m trying to get real with myself about the fact that if I don’t get my mental health in line, my physical health will have to carry all of the weight. As it were.

So, I sit here thinking that it would be nice if I could enter a little note not just about what food I eat, but how I felt before eating it. I’d like to be able to enter emotions the same way you enter exercise in the program.

And, while I’m dreaming, it would be especially handy if you could also time-stamp everything you enter, so you could see what time of day you eat, exercise, and feel a certain way. I’ll see if I can find a way to contact the people who write the app & request them to update it for me. And for all of us.

Up from the keyboard, then, slacker! Get thee to the iPhone! And then maybe to the real world for a few hours . . .

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