Pecans – Who Knew?

I mean, I knew that nuts were high in calories, but wow!

I had yogurt for breakfast, tossing in a few pecans to spice it up. Logged into Lose It! to record the breakfast, and was momentarily annoyed to see that in order to enter pecans, I couldn’t go by how many pieces, but had to go by ounces.

Of course, weight loss veteran and kitchen gadget junkie that I am, I have 2 food scales. 10 pecan halves weight 1 ounce. On both scales. And registered 210 calories!!!

My daily calorie balance is 1,392, so 210 calories for that tiny handful of pecans + another 200 for the yogurt really eats up my balance. I’m eating 2 medium-sized carrots now – an emotional response to being worried this early in the day that I won’t get enough to eat.

I realize how ridiculous it is to worry that I, needing to lose 80 pounds, might not get enough to eat. Gives you some insight into my struggle, yes?

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