What Renders the Invisibility Cloak Powerless?


I was going on and on last week about how being fat often means you are invisible. I discovered today one sure-fire way to counteract the fat-cloak of invisibility.

Fall weather. Or, more specifically, nipples.

We finally had our first morning of fall weather, with temperatures in the 60s until about an hour ago. We’re up to 72 now, and will probably hit the 80s, but trust me, it was BRISK this morning.

I put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and hit the streets. At the grocery store, after driving over with my windows open, it felt downright chilly. My body responded accordingly. The produce guys, who, to be fair, are usually friendly, were extra friendly. Several other male shoppers said hello. BIG smile from the manager.

Helps explain why sometimes fat can seem comfortable when it has been your constant companion!

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