Today’s Goal: New Exercise Clothes

Should be easy, you say? Welcome to another one of the great contradictions of living in an über-capitalist country: nobody makes exercise clothes for people who are overweight, even though the majority of people are overweight and being advised by everyone to exercise.

My expectations are low, but I’d really like to have more than one pair of shorts for the gym.

I fear how this will end. I’ll end up ordering online after feeling alternatively bummed out, angry, and humiliated from visits to several different stores. Maybe I can at least find a sports bra. I’d really like to try one on without having to worry about mailing it back.

The last time I went on an excursion like this, I did find a pair of short-shorts, size XXL, that said JUICY across the butt.

In rhinestones.

I’m pretty strong and confident, but I’m not ready to strut around in those bad boys quite yet. Or, really, ever. Onward! If I wear the same shorts every day, washing them fiendishly in the sink, then so be it!

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