Patience Practiced Here

I went to the gym today and did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. And, I took the stairs down from the second level of the parking garage, and up to the 2nd level of the gym. Yea! That left me with over 700 calories in my daily budget, which I was excited about, as I hoped to meet a friend out tonight.

Then, I hit a low place energy-wise, and was frustrated with work, so ate some pecans and milk chocolate chips. Dang. Back to only 300 calories left. That tiny snack – a handful (and my hands are small) of chocolate and nuts – ate up over 400 calories.

I am not going to let this little lapse in mindless eating become a relapse. I’ve acknowledged it, had a moment of regretting it, and I’m moving forward. Onward!

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