Lapse v. Relapse

A lapse might be a slip-up at one meal, a little step backwards on a day when you more or less maintain forward momentum.

Stepping on the scale this morning to see I’m up 3 pounds suggests that what I’ve been going through is a relapse. I had pulled it together on Monday after the horrible weekend, but went to a party last night and ate both food dipped & fried in wheat flour AND cake. That it was gluten-free cake made little difference after the fried food. This was lapse after lapse, falling into bad patterns, not tracking my food because I couldn’t face writing it down honestly, and avoiding the scale.

And boy, am I feeling it this morning.

I’m also feeling hopeful, however, and I did manage to overcome my fear and get on the scale so I could quantify the damage and start to work on the recovery plan. I may have relapsed, but I am not going to collapse.

Here’s to a day of positive momentum, getting back on track, and feeling stronger.

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