Gym Update

I haven’t made any progress with the BOSU, but I have hit the gym every other day this week. Ideally, I’d like to be going 4-5 times a week, so if I can just keep this streak up …

I did find out that because I was programmed into the Fitlinxx system for only 1 set on the weight machines, the additional sets I have been doing weren’t recorded. Remedied that.

I had to laugh at because for a moment, when I learned that the machines weren’t tracking me, I was miffed and wondering if I could manually add those sets in so I’d have an accurate read. I then realized that it isn’t as though I get anything, a prize or t-shirt or good parking space, based on my points, and I know I did the work, so why worry? Then, I started wondering if may be there is some sort of prize, and if so, why wouldn’t they tell me about it? Or maybe I should come up with some sort of prize for myself . . . and generally, my prizes for myself involve chocolate cake . . . so I realized that this was not a productive thing to worry about.

Still, it is great that because I was so focused on making up the weight reps that I maxed out everything this workout, pushing higher and harder to earn points. I love that I can be motivated by stupid points on a computer screen!

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