Basking in the Positive

I got a compliment at the gym today!

Someone complimented my form and timing while I was lifting weights. It reminded me that while I’m starting over, I’m not starting from scratch, and that good habits I learned long ago can stick with me if I focus.

I actually got a second compliment from a guy who got on one of the machines after me. He appreciated that I got the seat nice and warm for him. As opposed, I guess, to leaving it damp and clammy.

That’s something else positive about my gym and workout schedule—not too many super-sweaty people work out in the middle of the afternoon. They’re off being intense in their jobs. It is the slow and steadies like me burning it up without steaming it up.

I also bought a new pedometer so I can use it both for my walk-a-mile-faster goal and just to try to increase general walking around during the course of the day. I’ll report on how I like it.

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