Why Exercising Beats Watching TV

Feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, as I’ve got to do an unpleasant medical diagnostic test this afternoon. What I should have done is hit the gym. What I did instead is fix lunch and watch a little TV.

We do not have cable, so midday watching options are dreadful at best. I watched a few minutes of the new Family Feud with Steve Harvey in which one family had just won the chance to name the top four things that 100 people surveyed said about Rosie O’Donnell.

Not in the top four were: she’s a comedienne, she’s on a talk show, or she’s wealthy.

The top four responses:

  1. She’s gay.
  2. She’s loud/outspoken.
  3. She’s “pleasantly plump.”
  4. She adopted her children.

The other family got a chance to steal, and won with #2. Half of the family members were encouraging their team captain to say she’s fat, but the team captain went with heavy.

Poor Rosie!

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