The Journey of 1,000 Miles …

. . . begins with step.

498 steps, actually. Already, I am loving the pedometer. I started wearing it Monday, determined to show that I’m already hitting at least the 10,000-step goal that you hear about as a minimum for daily movement. And then, my client needed me.

The danger of working at home, as I demonstrated Monday, is that it is possible to wake up, settle in front of the phone and computer, eat leftovers for lunch, and find yourself at the end of the day with only 498 steps on your pedometer. I cannot recall if I wore it for our trip out to a reception and dinner, but I think it might actually be possible that I did and still had such a small number show up.

If you can measure it, you can name it, and you can do it better. I woke up this morning determined to go for a walk AND go to the gym so I can be sure to blow past 10,000. Gotta keep the momentum!

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