Starting … Now (Again)

I’m very good at starting things. Finishing, not so much.

I have to admit that I was thinking of hitting the ice cream store once the husband gets out of the shower and heads off to his gig. I was even wondering if I had room for (ahem) a small ice cream cake I could stash in the freezer and eat, little by little, for the next several days. Not that I’ve ever done that before . . .

For some reason, I checked in on this little blog instead. I updated my numbers and realized that I am .0975% of the way to my weight loss goal.

Thanks to the magic of rounding, that’s 10%, y’all! Ten percent sounds like real progress to me, so I think I’ve found the incentive I needed to skip the ice cream run.

One day at a time is pretty corny, but I guess that since I’m so good at starting things, that’s the best mantra for me.

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