Rested & Ready

My unexpected trip to a blissful Pacific coast beach in a central American country was the perfect cure. I’ve maintained my on-the-brink-of-10-pound weight loss since the beginning of October despite being in charge of all of the desserts for the family Thanksgiving celebration! I think that being completely relaxed after the trip did the trick.

I realize December has already been here for 6 days, but I’m treating today like the start of the month. Regular gym visits were the one casualty of my vacation, so it is time to get back on that beat to make sure I keep losing (or at least not gaining) through Christmas.

Spending day after day in a hammock on the beach made me realize how powerful an ally tranquility can be. I’ve never been good at meditation, but understand exactly why I should figure it out. I’m going to focus on moving meditation at first – getting in the zone while exercising – and on doing other things thoughtfully.

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