Food Log Analysis: 6/27/11

I came in over goal for protein: goal is greater than 80g, and I was at 11og. My calories were too high by 300-400.

Fat and carbs, however . . .

Carbs were supposed to be under 90g. I was 135g. If I’d skipped the brioche hamburger bun and cone for my frozen yogurt, I’d have made it, on both the carb and calorie front. Do I need any more proof that white flour is my downfall?

Fat was high, mainly because of the hamburger. That was also amazingly salty. Monday night is our date night, and yesterday was the first day, so I ate without caution. Sort of. I’m kind of on a say goodbye to hamburgers kick.

I clearly need to kick that kick.

The scale says I’m down a pound since yesterday, which I’m pleased about only because I didn’t drink as much water as I should have. If I power through 125 oz. today, that will help tomorrow. Plus, it will help dilute the salt from the burger, too. I hope!

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One Response to Food Log Analysis: 6/27/11

  1. ladonnabeeker says:

    Great job! You are making progress!

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