Log It or Lug It

It comes down to this. If I do not log what I eat, I eat too much. If I eat too much, the calories add up, and the pounds pack on.

Exercising only helps to a point, especially because I’m not confident/brave enough yet to go full steam ahead on the cardio front.

Funny how I’ve read articles, other blogs, talked to nutritionists, psychologists, and they all say very plainly that keeping a food diary, or journal, or log – WHATEVER – is one of the keys to long-term weight loss and maintenance of that loss.

I have to wonder whether, if someone told me that writing down everything I ate would earn me $1,000 dollars a day if, at some point, I’d stop doing it? Or even how long I’d do it before stopping?

So, I rededicate myself to logging my food intake, because I do not not not want to keep lugging this weight around! I logged everything yesterday, including the frozen yogurt and cone that put me 300+ calories above my Lost It goal for the day, and perhaps 400+ above what the nutritionist set as my goal.

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2 Responses to Log It or Lug It

  1. ladonnabeeker says:

    Logging it is the best way to go. It’s hard. I have quit doing it and going to the gym. Stress has taken over, yet again. So I know very well the boat you are in. I know you don’t know me, but maybe we can keep each other “electronically accountable.” We can simply ask, “Did you log in your food today?” Let me know!

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