Food Log Analysis: 6/28/2011

I came in 77 calories under the Lose It! goal, which is 100-200 above the goal the nutritionist set for me. I was over the goal (which is good) for protein, but over the goal (which is not good) for carbs.

I had one of those days when I was on track until dinner. Any emotion is a trigger for me, but my husband had a tough day, which is a trigger for him, so I suggested going out instead of eating the same roasted veggies and canned tuna fish we both had for lunch.

There’s a Tex-Mex place I’ve been wanting to try. Tex-Mex can actually be OK if you:

  • avoid tortillas and tortilla chips,
  • pick meat or fish, like fajitas, grilled shrimp, or ceviche, and
  • stick with water instead of a margarita.

So, I did OK. I ate 15 chips (it seems ridiculous to count, but you can’t have accountability without counting)(groan), and three small tortillas, because I absolutely love flour tortillas. I got fajitas, but stuck with water.

I almost didn’t want to log my whole dinner. I was ashamed that I’d only lasted two days before a Tex-Mex binge. But (a) it really wasn’t a binge, and (b) I’ve got to learn to give that shame up to the universe!

Even though I haven’t connected through Lose It to the nutritionist I’m working with, I knew that at some point, she’d perhaps be looking. Plus, it isn’t as though this is for points, or money, or anything other than my own self. I knew I was eating the damn food, so I better suck it up & log it!

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