A Confession

I postponed my annual exam, pushing it back three months, so I’d have time to lose a few pounds.

I am not at high risk for anything, at least from a gynecological perspective, so the postponement doesn’t exacerbate anything. It is just that at my last exam, the doctor mentioned that I should lose some weight, and mentioned that Weight Watchers has always worked for her when she needs to lose 5 or 10 pounds.

Well, she’s never mentioned weight loss with me before, and she’s seen me go up and down. I know she means well, because she has demonstrated in numerous ways what a kind, caring, and thoughtful person and doctor she is.

Why did it bug me so much? I feel like someone who needs to lose 5 or 10 pounds is at a very different place from someone who needs to lose 50 or 100.

I guess I would have preferred for her to ask if I wanted any advice or help, instead of having her just assume I could ask, or wouldn’t know how to go about losing weight. I’m a fairly informed patient, and I have compelling reasons to go back eventually, but I guess this is the kind of comment and emotional response that could keep someone from ever going back to the doctor.

My appointment is now in August, and I’ve been thinking that I’ll probably only have lost 20 pounds by then, if that. How silly of me to worry about 20 pounds when that will still have me in the obese range! Oh, well, I said this was a confession. I don’t have answers, I just need to get it out in to the sunshine.

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