Food Log Analysis: 6/29/11

I keep starting to type captain’s log, stardate 6/30/11, which is odd, because I actually have watched about 10 episodes of Star Trek ever in my life, if that many. Anyway …

I’ve got just 3 days fully logged at this point, but some patterns are emerging:

  1. My “best” day so far, where best = most reasonable ratio of carbs/fat/protein and coming in under or at the calorie goal, was yesterday. The biggest difference is that yesterday, about 60% of my calories for the day came during breakfast and lunch.
  2. Getting fats under control is proving to be more difficult than carbs, except that the foods I’m eating with fat are things like cashews, Greek yogurt, and salmon, so maybe I don’t need to worry as much. I hope that at least I’ll develop a good, healthy coat!

I went out late last night, so, rushing to get ready this morning, I neglected to weigh myself. That’s two days in a row I’ve forgotten. I’m aiming for a first thing in the morning, either naked or just undies weight, so that I can really see an apples to apples comparison. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing to skip a few days, especially now, at the beginning. But tomorrow, I should weigh.

I actually came in under the calorie goal yesterday, even with eating a hot dog (just part of the bun) and drinking a vodka & soda at the baseball game. Baseball and vodka, two things I only experience once every 5 years or so.

But, I did have a headache yesterday, which I think came from being on day 3 of reduced calories, being tired, still holding onto Diet Cokes (curse you, Coca Cola!), and the freakishly hot weather that will apparently be our lot in Texas for the next 3 months. Ugh.

Disappointing today: we ate lunch at a place that used to serve a totally healthy brown rice and stir-fried veggies and steamed chicken dish. Yes, I could make this at home, but sometimes, it is nice to go out and have a totally healthy meal. Well, the chicken was coated and lightly fried, although not very well, so it was like eating chicken pieces dunked in sticky cornstarch. The bok choy was past its prime, so I got a big mouthful of rotten green slime. Shudder. One of the chefs asked for feedback on the way out, so I did get a chance to share, and he appreciated the honesty. Or at least said so. We shall see.

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