Mistaken for a Food Critic – Maybe

I took a photo of my lunch today so I’d be able to log it correctly. One of the waiters noticed, even though I was trying to be somewhat subtle.

Suddenly, we got much better service. Our teas and waters were refilled, waiters from other sections checked on us, and we were generally better-attended than we had been pre-snap.

I think they thought I was a food critic! Or, at least, an influential local blogger or yelper. I then started to concentrate really hard, examining bites, taking tastes from others at the table, chewing while looking pensive.

Thank goodness I hammed it up, because it not only got us better service, it allowed me to notice the slimy bok choy before I ate it.

I think they’d be really disappointed to know that I only wanted to be able to log accurately how many broccoli florets I actually consumed!

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