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Sunday, When I Swim and Also Experience Actual Hunger

I was going really regularly for the second half of last year, but that hardly seems relevant at this point. I finally made it back to the gym, today, for the first time in a l-o-n-g time. Also a first, … Continue reading

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In Adults Only, Being Female

First, the mundane: I dropped to 215 this morning from the 217 plateau. That means, at 17 pounds lost, I’m 21% of the way to my goal of 80; I’m 6 pounds shy of losing 10% of my starting body … Continue reading

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The First Plateau

It’s been a month, basically, and I’ve finally hit my first plateau. I’ve been stuck at 217 for several days now, after pretty steadily losing a pound every other day. I’m totally cool with that. The risk of the rapid … Continue reading

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I’ve been dragging, work and responsibility-wise, for the past couple of weeks. I’m getting things done, but it is like running in knee-deep jello. (Or like being in one of those jello bubbles in the Katy Perry video which I … Continue reading

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Photo Update

OK, I’ve reached a middle ground on photographs. I’ve taken some. Several would be perfect if not for the large, fluffy heads and tails of certain four-legged friends who just can’t stand to be away from me for the 10 … Continue reading

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