Food Log Analysis: 6/30/2011

I ran into several minefields yesterday, a couple of my own making. Carbs made up almost half of my daily intake as a result. I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

1) The disappointing lunch, mentioned previously as it involved the slimy bok choy. The chicken used to be steamed, but this time was coated and fried. I was so hungry, having missed a mid-morning snack, that I ate it anyway.

2) Skipping dinner. I didn’t so much as skip it, actually, as I turned it into a mini-binge. I had a brownie and frozen yogurt. I know exactly what pushed me into food-for-comfort-land: a depressing story in the news about something political. I read it, absorbed it, and my very next thought was that I wanted something chocolate. Needed it. And a diet “chocolate” shake wasn’t going to do it, nor was a 2 oz. dark chocolate bar with coffee in it. I needed something sweet and sugary.

The good news is that I had to buy a box of 6 (so I wouldn’t make a whole pan), and I’ve thrown 5 out. And, it really didn’t taste very good. Still, ice cream and brownies aren’t the best option for dinner.


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