Nutritional Info as Appetite Suppressant

I didn’t have a plan for lunch yesterday. Rather, I did have a plan, and it involved a pimento cheese sandwich. I deemed the plan unacceptable, wanting desperately to continue losing weight instead of stalling, and knowing that the place with the best pimento cheese sandwich in town also has really good chocolate chip cookies.

I opted for a local fast-ish food chain that actually has some fairly healthy options. They’ve got a no-bun button on their order pad from when the no-carb craze kicked in, and you can get grilled veggies or a rather hearty (but still healthy) salad in addition to burgers and fries.

You can also ask for nutritional information, which is how I learned several years ago just how expensive, calorie-wise, flour tortillas are. Two tortillas is half of my daily allowance of calories!

I ordered an ahi tuna burger with the sauce on the side and a side of fries. I figured I’d skip the bun, or only eat half of it, and sub the fries for my starch.

While waiting for my order, I perused the calorie counts on my iPhone. And adjusted my eating plan accordingly!

First, the ahi tuna burger without the ginger-wasabi spread (which I believe is mayo-based) has 585 calories, roughly 40% of what I should eat in a day. With the fries at 570 for an 8 oz. serving, I’d basically be able to eat a carton of yogurt and have to call it a day.

So, I ditched the bun entirely. Eating just the tuna and a sprinkling of feta came out a little over 200 calories. Then, I split the pile of fries in half and hid one half under the bun and a napkin. Eating half of the fries was still 285 calories, about 20% of my day, but it certainly was better than eating all of them.

Seeing the nutritional information really helped me decide to eat less. And, it also helped me put another favorite indulgence into perspective. The thick chocolate shakes at this place are 655 calories. It was not too long ago at another burger joint that I ate a burger, with bun and fries, plus a shake. No wonder I’m in the shape I’m in!

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