Kickoff (Because I Fumbled)

I started the liquid diet Sunday, a few days ahead of schedule.

Saturday, I woke up feeling OK, but then had a stressful conversation that put me in a defensive, cranky mood. I’d already planned to go to the drugstore, and frankly, trips to the drugstore lately have tended to involve a little something to eat. Yesterday, two chocolate bars, which was especially disappointing since I’d been doing well.

Sabotage? The prior Saturday, I’d gone off the plan, too, just when I’d felt like I was settling into better eating habits.

Starting off the day with sugar pretty much set me up for failure. I got a huge DDP with lunch, which was not exactly a healthy choice either, but at least involved some protein. I pulled it back at dinner a bit, opting for grilled fish instead of fried chicken, but then eating an entire huge dessert.

So, I woke up Sunday morning and just started the damn liquid diet thing. I was tired all day, but wasn’t able to take a good nap, because this diet requires that you drink tons of water! Going to all-liquid wears me out, but the extra kick is that it is a diet without caffeine. I’ve been eating much, much better for the past couple of weeks except for all of the diet cokes, so I’m no doubt in line for a massive quitting caffeine headache.

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