Ten Percent

I just realized that, having lost 9 of the 80 pounds I’d like to lose, I’m officially over 10% of the way to my goal. And, 6 of those 9 were pounds I lost before I started the liquid part of this diet. Yep, I lost weight simply by setting a calorie goal for the day and logging my meals in order to come in at or under that goal. And, I lose those 6 pounds even with 3 days of uh-oh eating.

I’ve got a ways to go before I’ve lost 10% of my weight, which is that magical point at which, according to all of the articles you read in non-medical magazines, one is supposed to see some benefits. Those benefits are:

10. Better blood pressure (presumably where better = lower)
9.   Improved heart health and lower cholesterol levels
8.   Decreased risk for diabetes
7.   Enhanced sex life (physiological or psychological – do you care which!?)
6.   A better night’s sleep if you have obstructive sleep apnea
5.   Less pain associated with arthritis, joint disease, and lower back pain
4.   Better breathing
3.   Decreased risk for colon and breast cancer
2.   A healthier gallbladder
1.   More energy

I’m already sleeping better, but I think that may be because I’ve been so exhausted from the drop to 800 calories.

Now, excuse me while I go drink another pint of water. I’m up to 88 ounces so far today … gotta get to 112 at least.

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