Seven Days In

I’m just downing my 28th shake—4 per day for the first 7 days. They taste like stale, partially-sweetened hot chocolate mix. I tend to heat them and add a few dashes of cinnamon or a drop or two of almond extract to create a somewhat enjoyable experience.

Now that I’m in ketosis, however, and not very hungry by the time I get to the 4th one each day, I’m usually standing over the sink, trying to open my throat and just get the damn thing down.

I’m also drinking half my weight in water each day, which can also be a challenge by this point in the late afternoon/early evening. I try to power it all down as early as possible so I can sleep through the night!

Today, I went with my husband and a friend to eat lunch. Well, they ate. Actually, our friend had a recent health scare, so is, on doctors’ orders, avoiding all fats, most animal products, and anything with salt. He had a Greek salad, hold the feta and the vinaigrette. I watched him push most of the olives to the side. We both watched with blazing green eyes and growling stomachs while my husband downed a veggie sandwich on French bread loaded with olive oil and avocado, which seems like the most decadent thing in the world right now.

It is freeing, however, to skip eating. I’m about to go to a party, a gathering of women, and the present I’m bringing is the gift of allowing myself not to be the one who tries to outdoor everyone by baking something fabulous, or making 4 different dips arranged in carved-out vegetable bowls with homemade bread. I’m bringing the gift of taking care of myself first, and letting other people take care of their own selves.

(I may stop to get the hostess flowers!)

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