Cupcake Stare-Down

I went to a gathering last night. Knowing that people were bringing food, I brought two bottles of sparkling water. I’d have been glad to share with others, but I think I drank both of them myself.

Boy, was it hard to stare down that food. A cupcake tree was giving me singular fits, but frankly, the cheese was making me just about as twitchy.

We moved out of the kitchen to sit down and talk. At some point, however, someone got up and brought the food into the living room. Rats. I tried not to stare at the cupcakes, but it was like I was a 14-year-old boy sitting next to Miss January while she flipped through her photo portfolio to pick the best shots. I was wildly distracted.

Which one looked best to me? Could I manage to accidentally stick my finger in the frosting? Would one finger-full of frosting take me out of ketosis?

Someone told a hilarious story about the beautiful loaf of what I’m fairly sure was cherry bread with sugar on top (which may have been my fevered imagination—cranberry with orange glaze seems more likely, but cherries YUM), which prompted someone else to pass that tray, which also held chocolate-dipped macaroons, around the room. Twice. Then, later, again. I think twice more.

I will be forever grateful to the person I’d met earlier in the evening. She’d offered me something to eat when I arrived, but I’d just said I was trying to follow a very strict diet and would pass on eating anything.

She happened to be seated next to me. Actually, in the floor a little to the front and left of me. On the second pass-around, when the person to my right started to hand the tray to me, she just very smoothly reached over and took it before I’d even had a chance to get a complete grip on it. She did that again when it re-appeared later.

It wasn’t aggressive. It simply felt gracious, like she probably realized that anyone on a diet who’d been facing down a full cupcake tree for several hours would appreciate a little help. I wouldn’t want to ask other people to help me diet my literally taking food out of my hands, but this didn’t have that vibe at all.

I was glad for the support.

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