Hilarity Ensues!

As a little reward for a few things—getting past the first 10 pounds, being on the liquid part of the plan for 11 days, getting a payment sooner than I anticipated I would—I bought a hula hoop.

Actually, the label on the box says cardio core hoop, which, I gotta tell ya, marketing people, sucks the joy and nostalgia right out of the purchase. Even worse was that it came in 6 sections I had to snap together.

I’d hoped to roll it out of the store. Instead, well, I just rolled myself out. Believe me, rolling myself out of places has lost its charm. 😉

So far, I can tell I’m going to have bruised knees, but I’m also going to have a blast. The fitness hoop is heavier than the plastic rings of our salad days, which makes it easier to keep aloft (thanks, momentum), but which also makes it bonk against the knees pretty hard when it spins down to the ground, as it inevitably does.

I’ve made it to 92 circulations? hoops? completed hoops? I don’t know what you call getting the hula hoop around your waist one time, but that times 92 is my record so far. I can tell this is going to both kick my ass, from a cardio core perspective (damn those marketers) and be tons of fun.

As a side project, I’m also teaching my smaller poodle to jump through the hoop. She’s gone through it about at about 18 inches off the ground. I’m training her with treats because she is a dog, and because she is underweight.

It figures I have a dog that is underweight.

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