The Hooptie Dance

Well, 92 remains my record for how many times I’ve managed to snap that hula hoop around my waist. I’ve never had so much fun doing any kind of exercise, which bodes well for my being able to keep it up.

I have to hoop in the kitchen. It is, quite simply, too hot to exercise safely outside.


210 is my new record for how many times I can loop that hoop around my waist. I zap my morning beverage for a minute in the microwave, so picked up the hoop when I hit that button. The buzzer rang when I was about 90 rotations, so I just kept going. Now we know—90 is about a minute’s worth of hooping for me at this current level of attainment.

This is totally an ab/lower-back work-out. I’m a little sore, actually, from yesterday. That’s really kind of pathetic, when you think about it, that only about 7 minutes of start-and-stop hula hooping could leave me sore, but that’s the sorry state of my abdominal muscles. I can feel them under there, though. They’re ready to bust out!


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