Saturday Night Purge

Not what it may sound like, in the context of a blog about losing weight.

I just threw away 9½ pairs of shoes (couldn’t find a mate for one, which I think went out in the last great shoe purge of ’07) and readied 19 other pairs for donation to a charity resale shop.

I love beautiful clothes, but, being the size I am, rarely get the chance to wear them. They only make crap in my size. So, I turned to shoes, for which I have an affinity bordering on the Imelda Marcos end of the scale.

At one point in my life, I owned over 100 pairs of shoes. I’ve never let it get quite that bad again. One way I’ve tried to control the habit is making a rule that I’ll only buy really nice shoes. In general, I avoid any that are made in China. I try for the USA, Spain, Italy, France, or Brazil. My choices are therefore limited, as I can’t always afford them.

I’m still not ready, really, to start throwing out/recycling/giving away clothes, but clearing out some room in my closet helps me feel a little more in control of the general clutter in my life. Staying on top of clutter, in turn, helps me stay on top of my goals for living healthier.

Tomorrow, I’m going to pick one other category of things to clear. I may attack the pantry, or perhaps t-shirts. Little by little, I’ll clear all this crap out of my life.

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