For Those Who Think It Is Easy

I remember the first time I came off of a liquid-only diet—I went from Memorial Day to Labor Day without food. We went to dinner at a restaurant that has a healthy/low-carb menu so I could have steamed fish and roasted vegetables, but I did split dessert, a chocolate whiskey pot de crème.

I was unable to drive home, I was so knocked out by the reintroduction of sugar, fat, and chocolate to my system. My eyes got heavy, I looked and sounded dazed, and it felt really, really good.

I may be reading into this, because I realize you cannot always readily extrapolate from rats to people, but this study seems to suggest that you can become addicted to sugar just as you can to nicotine or morphine, and that you’ll go through some symptoms of withdrawal when you go off sugar.

When I do get off of this liquid portion of the diet—10 weeks to go!—I’m going to be much more careful about how I let heavy cream, chocolate, and sugar back into my system.

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