A Subtle Shift in the Big French Antique Thing

We have, because I insisted upon getting it, a big, French, antique piece of furniture. It’s not a hutch, because the open shelves on top are deeper than plate-display depth. It’s not a linen press (no doors, not deep enough), nor a wardrobe (not for clothes), nor a case (again, no doors on top). It has some specific name, but we just call it the big French antique, because it is the only big French antique in our house, and we’ve never confused it with the small French antique.

Anyway …

I have been keeping my collection of cake plates on the top shelf of the big French antique, which means I see them all of the time. I did a little rearranging this weekend because it dawned on me that maybe if I didn’t have the constant reminder of cake stands literally looming over me, I wouldn’t think about making cakes so often, and thus would not eat cakes so often.

Moving those to the bottom, behind closed doors, freed up space for my favorite water bottles:

I love a Blenko water bottle! Now, when I look up, instead of thinking about how fabulous a three-layer coconut cake with lemon curd filling looks on that cake plate, I think about how awesome the light looks reflected and refracted through Blenko glass.

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