15 Pounds: Ready for Pictures?

I’ve lost 15 pounds in a month. That feels great to type!

I started tracking my food using Lose It again on June 27th, a Monday. I weighed 232 pounds. I came in 311 calories over my daily budget, with 44% of calories coming from fat, 31% from carbs, and only 25%, protein.

On Sunday, July 10th, I started the liquid phase of the diet, drinking 800 calories a day. Sometimes, it fluctuates up 5-10 calories if I have an Altoid, Tic-Tac, dill pickle, cucumber, or sugar-free Jell-o. Thrilling, I know, the variety.

One more pound will put me at 20% of my weight loss goal, 80 pounds.

I will most likely stay on the 4-a-day shake plan until sometime around the first week of October. I’d like to keep losing at least 3 pounds per week through then, which would mean another 30 pounds and reaching 187. Then, I’ll start introducing food back into the plan, keeping in mind the goal of losing another 35 pounds.

I’m very slowly (slower than you can imagine) introducing something that approximates exercise into my routine. I did 9 minutes of hula hooping today, in two sessions, which sounds like not much, but then again, I’m only getting 800 calories in, so I’m not trying to go for broke.

I think I’m ready to start taking photos of myself. I’m torn about it. On the one hand, nobody who knows me knows about this blog. (Or, if they do, they haven’t mentioned it.) I don’t want them to know my numbers.

On the other hand, they already know I’m fat.

It isn’t as though seeing a number attached to that is going to make them suddenly realize that fact. And, it might make some of the less sensitive among them realize how badly they’ve made me feel when, trying to conjure up the worst possible scenario, weight-wise, they’ve gasped about how terrible it would be to weigh 200 pounds.

Believe me, at 217, 200 sounds pretty damn good.

So, what do you think? Photos? How have photos helped you, or stressed you out? I’d love to know.

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One Response to 15 Pounds: Ready for Pictures?

  1. ladonnabeeker says:

    Photos! Yes!
    I have slowed down on losing weight, but one thing that put a smile on my face was several months ago I found an old picture (within the year) and a recent picture. I put them beside each other and it was amazing! I’d lost about 40 pounds at that point. It was encouraging and helped me to really see how much weight I’d lost. It’s hard to really notice a full view just looking in the mirror every day.
    So I say, take some pictures! You’ll be happy you did. 🙂

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