Small Vent

OK, not a major life crisis, but ACK!

I was hula hooping in front of the TV, and suddenly realized I’d been going for what seemed like almost 10 minutes. (I couldn’t see the clock, though I’d noted what time I started so I could check when I stopped.)

We live in a small house. Two rooms front, two rooms back; the two back rooms both open onto a deck in the backyard. Our laundry hamper sits near the back door in the bedroom. My husband could have gone out the kitchen door, opened the bedroom door, grabbed it, and put it in the washing machine.

Instead, he tried to time squeezing past me. The hoop has a 3½ foot diameter; the area I was in is only 6½ feet wide. He made it past once, but the second time, the hoop hit him and spun to the ground.

He apologized, and congratulated me on making the 10-minute mark, but I’m still annoyed. The next time, I’m going to have to tell him to go the other way, which you’d think he might figure out on his own. Grrrr.

But, on the bright side, I did at least 10 straight minutes of hula hooping, and possibly as many as 12, depending upon how synced the TV and digital clock are. So, there’s that!

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One Response to Small Vent

  1. ladonnabeeker says:

    haha … Men. Sometimes they like to live in the edge. haha Congrats on 10 minutes!
    P.S. I just moved to a new city and home after getting a new job. I have a 2 bedroom home now, so I left the second room open. I put my TV in there and plan on having it as an exercise room. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it appears that morning hours are the coolest in that room. So I might have to start waking up early (5:30 a.m.) to exercise before work. 🙂
    Maybe I’ll try hula hooping.

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