Photo Update

OK, I’ve reached a middle ground on photographs.

I’ve taken some. Several would be perfect if not for the large, fluffy heads and tails of certain four-legged friends who just can’t stand to be away from me for the 10 seconds it takes the auto-timer on the camera to snap a shot.

They’re not particularly flattering. This is not me ragging on myself, this is an objective statement. The lighting is bad, the angle isn’t great, and I don’t have photo-editing software (or the time to fiddle with anything on the web) that can substantially correct the problems.

BUT, I’ll hold onto them. I’ve saved them onto the computer, and backed them up to the back-up drive. I’ll keep taking them as I move ahead. At some point, I’ll be ready to show some progress shots. I think that’s what will be the most comfortable and rewarding way for me to handle it.

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