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New Bad Habits

Well, I still haven’t bought myself the cupcake-replacement flowers. I believe that it is just not the season for any flowers I truly love, and that it is too bloody hot to even consider buying a plant for outdoors. Also, … Continue reading

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Weather Interlude

I would just like to say that it got up to 107°F yesterday (that’s 41°C for those of you keeping score in metric countries), and is supposed to reach 109°F (42.777°C) today. When the weather guy said we might have … Continue reading

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I Did Not Eat a Cupcake Today. Let Alone Four!

Something made me really angry today. The details don’t matter (except to me, I suppose) but I was angry and upset and frustrated by my inability to do much about it. I told the person whose behavior triggered those feelings, … Continue reading

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Taste Cravings, Homemade Gatorade

I’ve begun to crave tastes. Not really food, but flavors and, to a certain degree, texture. On days I exercise, I can have either an egg or a piece of cheese. To help with my low sodium, I’m drinking chicken … Continue reading

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Report from Class

Our group met last night, as we do every week, so I was able to share my anxiety about the low sodium result from my blood work. But, first, before class and as promised at the end of the last … Continue reading

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