Hand Towels For The Shower

I’m guessing it isn’t just the big girls and boys who’d appreciate slightly larger towels at the gym. Yes, I could bring my own, but I’ll probably just muddle through and slip on a t-shirt right after the shower.

Why can’t we just get slightly bigger towels?

I’m not saying that small towels are going to keep me away from the gym. But these tiny terrycloth rags are just one more not-so-subtle way to give me the message that people like me aren’t the people the gym was designed for, no matter how many people seem to think it is their business to tell me to exercise.

It’s the same feeling you get when you realize you can’t find exercise shorts in a 1X-2X-3X size range, and when you see that the myriad of sports bras in mainstream sports stores only go up to 38-C. Plenty of fat people are already carrying around shame about how their bodies look. Everyone likes to feel good and look dignified. Imagine how many pairs of shorts and bras we’d buy, not to mention times we’d visit the gym, if we felt good about how we were clad the whole time we were there?

Thanks to the fitness industry for reinforcing that shame in ways that actually make us less likely to buy your products.

Here endeth the rant.

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