The Connoisseuse of Pickles

I have become a connoisseuse of pickles.I was never a pickle-seeker. I would not remove them from things, but only rarely would I actively put them on things. By things, of course, I mean food.

As a child, when I received the rare treat of a McDonald’s meal, I ate the basic cheeseburger. Check, pickles. I also love pickle relish on a hot dog; relish, as far as I can tell, is simply diced pickles, right? At bbq joints, or when making potato salad, however, I’ve never been one to load up the plate or toss them in the bowl, and I’ve been known to leave them languishing when they arrived as garnish with a sandwich.

Well, no longer.

On the liquid diet, we can have two foods if the shakes simply aren’t enough—sugar-free jello, and pickles. Sounds like something that pregnant women are supposed to crave, doesn’t it?

The pickle starts life as a cucumber, so I occasionally have cukes instead, but the pickle has a salty snap it is hard not to love when the entirety of your diet could otherwise be consumed through a straw.

My thoughtful husband bought a new jar of pickles, as I’d wiped out the first jar (with his help) so I could re-purposed it to hold a plant. Kosher dills, he bought, same as before. A mass produced brand, also like before, but with a totally different taste. It occurred to me as I ate one just now that of course different brands would have proprietary blends of spices.

And then, I realized that along with spice blends, mass-market pickles probably have things like sugar and preservatives. I hope that being kosher may mean they at least lack high-fructose corn syrup, but now I’ll have to investigate. I am determined, HFCS or no, however, to take my appreciation for pickles to the next level by making my own at some point soon.

I’ll report back, but in the meantime, let me know if you have a favorite pickle recipe. Or pickle memory.

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