The First Plateau

I seem to be stuck, waiting desperately for that one more pound to go away so I can claim the round number that represents 25% of my weight loss goal, 20 of 80 pounds. I think that, having been at this weight for a week after almost two months of dropping at least 2 pounds each week, it is accurate to call this a plateau.

I’m not terribly worried, but some tweaking may be in order. One challenge of extremely low-calorie diets is that at some point, your body begins to react as though you are starving, holding on even tighter to the calories it gets. The 800 calories we eat each day on this liquid program is supposed to be enough; we are limited to 30 minutes of moderate exercise so we don’t dip down to that starvation point.

I’m guessing that adding exercise back in, although not exercise that most people would objectively call strenuous, may have been something of a shock to my system. The nutritionist mentioned adding an egg or piece of cheese to my daily plan to account for exercise, so I’m going to talk with her.

What’s this really all about? I ordered some bento egg molds, and I’d be really excited to be able to use them before I’m back on all-food.

Is it a bit troubling to be a 40-year-old woman excited about shaping my hard-cooked eggs into rabbits or cars?

Probably. 😉

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