Buying Too-Small Clothes

Many years ago, I made a rule that I’d never do this. I’ve made only a couple of exceptions:

  1. The awesome Hermès-esque print shirt that I bought in both plus and regular size because I loved it so much and hoped one day, I’d wear it smaller.
  2. A madras-patch skirt, because how often do you see those any more?
  3. An olive-green shirt dress, because it seems like a perfect just-throw-it-on dress for the rest of the summer.

I bought the shirt dress this morning at Target. Have I mentioned that I think Target is phasing out a separate section for plus sizes? You can now find them at the one near us mixed in with the maternity wear. Gee, that makes a gal feel special. 

I also couldn’t find the gym clothes, but those never seem to fit anyway, so no great loss.

This dress is an XXL. It was mixed in with the regular clothes, so I’m going to go ahead and call XXL a regular size. Their size chart show XXL to be a size 18 equivalent. I guess I’m glad they’re mainstreaming the size, but I wish they’d actually always have that option for all of their clothes. I guess they aren’t ready to de-stigmatize the larger sizes quite yet.

I’ll take a photo of me wearing it today; then, I’ll take one once it actually fits well enough for me to wear it in public. I think it will be very flattering. And, since summer lasts for at least 2 more months here, I should have plenty of time to wear it.

I’m comfortable buying clothes a size (or so) smaller right now because I’m fairly confident that I’ll keep losing weight. I’m not going to go crazy, because I don’t want to have wardrobes at every size (any more than I already do), but it is nice to get a couple of new things.

I’ve completely grown out of one of my favorite pairs of pants. I can impersonate a 15-year-old boy right now, wearing them, because you can so easily just yank them down over my hips.

I won’t take a picture of that.

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