One Week Goal

I’m going to aim for five gym trips in the next seven days.

We talked last night in our group about the fact that for 3-4 days while my body adjusts to greater activity levels, I’d go into overdrive on the calorie-burning front (there’s a more scientific term for it, but I’m still a little groggy this morning), so I’ll eat a hard-boiled egg or a cheese stick (protein, baby) right afterward to be sure I don’t plunge my body into starvation mode.

During my last bout of education, I went to the gym almost every day. About half of the days, I’d do a spin class that kicked my ass, and on the others, weights. I’m realizing as I look at how I’ve aged, and the goal of getting 10,000 steps in each day, that I may need to do almost an hour of cardio just about daily.

I guess I understand why so many of these weight loss blogs turn into running blogs!

Still down that one pound, so still at 20 pounds lost. Yea! Just 60 to go!

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One Response to One Week Goal

  1. Janet says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for dropping by my blog. You know how it is, comments are great! Thanks for that. About your gym plans, yeah, you rock, just keep that up. For the first few weeks during which I went to the gym I actually managed to go as often as five times a week, then when the time of month arrived I was totally off my game and things started going downhill. So I support you in going five times a week. You rock!! I am a little sick at the moment, so I hope to go again on the weekend, perhaps tomorrow morning depending on how I feel. Let’s motivate each other and keep it up!

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