Good Doctor’s Visit

I have to admit that I pushed back my annual exam so I’d have lost some weight before seeing the doctor. (In fact, I did already admit that, but maybe you were busy that day.)

Great visit. She was pleased that I’d lost 6.5 pounds since last year and am exercising regularly.


I didn’t tell her that I’ve actually lost 21 pounds, which means I gained 15 pounds after she told me to lose weight, or that I’ve only become a gym regular again in the past 3 weeks. But, to be fair to me, she didn’t ask, she just kept right on going with my check-up.

I think it had to help that my blood pressure was 114/81, a reading which pleased me immensely. I definitely get higher blood pressure whenever I’m sitting in the office wondering if it will be too high when they take it, so I’m glad I got a good reading.

On top of it all, when she listened to my heart and breathing, she said my pulse was good and low and sounded like the pulse of someone who has been exercising. Which, obviously, it should sound like, but I was glad for her validation.

I also weighed myself on her scale while I had my paper gown on, and was 2.5 pounds lighter than when her nurse weighed me in my clothes. So now I know.

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One Response to Good Doctor’s Visit

  1. Janet says:

    Don’t worry that much about the fact that you had lost more than you actually told your doctor. What is importand is that you actually embarked on this journey to change and become healthier. All the things you have already achieved have had positive side effect. Like your blood pressure for instance. 😉 Isn’t it great how these tiny things can actually brighten up the mood. We all fall, slip or crumble every now and then. How can we expect to change things which took us years to accomplish. Accomplish might be the wrong word here, when talking about gaining. But don’t worry, pick yourself back up continue to learn implementing better, and healthier habits.
    Just keep it up. 😉

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