21-Day Challenge

I learned from Mela’s blog about the Chopra Center’s 21-day meditation challenge. I’ve always wanted to learn how to meditate, because while it seems like something you should be able to just do, I generally end up just falling asleep when I try it.

My impression after doing the first day’s guided meditation is that I feel very calm and still. That’s not a feeling I get much, and I now understand why a meditation practice could become such a fantastic part of living a different life, a life with intention. Truthfully, it is possible that I fell asleep for a little piece of it, but it is also possible that my brain was just working in a different way and I’m not fully conscious of what that is like.

You can still sign up for free & play catch-up on the days – it started August 15th – or you can buy a past 21-day cycle.

I don’t know exactly how meditation might help, but I hope that it can be a tool I use to approach things differently, and a path for working through the things that bother me. The things, in other words, that have, in the past, put me in a place that made me eat too much of the wrong things too often.


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