Geeking Out on the Graphs, Weighing Every Day

One of my tricks, when I’m feeling like I haven’t come very far, is to whip out my iPhone and look at the charts on Lose It to see that in fact, I’ve made great progress. It is possible to export the data points – date and weight – and do your own charts.

I’m still getting used to the newer version of Excel, which has what may or may not be handy automated styles and formats for graphs and charts. Here’s one with all sorts of fill-ins and color:

Here’s one that shows a longer time period. I tracked my eating for several weeks before I went on the all-liquid plan, and lost then, too, so that makes me feel particularly good.

Looks like I started on the liquid around 7/11, which seems about right to me.

There are several schools of thought in the weight loss world. Some of us are daily weighers. I like the accountability of seeing the pattern over time. It comforts me to see that one uptick, 8/7, in the context of the rest of the loss.

Some people advocate weighing only once each week, at the same time and on the same scale. I do this, too, at the weigh-ins at my doctor’s office.

I’m not particularly traumatized by any one number. I’m horrified in general to be overweight, but not as concerned about being 210 versus 205. My goal is 150, but if I get to 160, clothes fit great, and I feel wonderful, I won’t mind seeing 160 on the scale.

You really have to decide for yourself what works best. The tie-breaker for me is that with daily weighing, I can spend an hour manipulating graphs with all of the data I have. I never would have thought that about myself.

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One Response to Geeking Out on the Graphs, Weighing Every Day

  1. I try to stick to a once-a-week weigh-in, mostly because there was a time in my life when I would weigh in daily and use the results, be they good or bad, to determine my happiness for that day. Oh, it was bad. I do, though, love how techie losing weight has become. Graphs are key for me, too. Down you go, little plummeting weight ticker, down you go.

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