Summer & Liquid Diets

Truly, one thing making it incredibly easy to subsist on only 4 chocolate protein drinks per day is the ridiculous weather we are having.

I sat out by a pool—though in the shade—for 3 hours yesterday. I watched the thermometer (also in the shade) go from 95 degrees to about 103. I parked myself directly in front of a fan, drank about 10 cups of water, and periodically held ice up to the back of my neck so the fan could melt it down my back.

The party guests were eating hamburgers and hot dogs, but honestly, when it is that hot out, food doesn’t even seem appealing to me. And heaven help the guys who were doing the grilling. We could’ve just set the hot dogs out on a metal platter & cooked them that way.

I skipped the gym, as exercising after a 3-hour outdoor sauna seemed unnecessary. I cannot wait to get a break in this weather, and have no idea when that might happen. A rain cloud floated over the party near the end, and we haven’t seen one of those for so long that we were practically delirious talking about the possibility of rain. The only water we saw, other than the swimming pool, came from a broken water main we passed on the way home.

I’ll try not to complain about the weather too much. I know I’ll be gloating when you are all suffering from snow and ice and I’m still wearing t-shirts in November. But wow, that seems a long way off.

Update – just noticed, 25 pounds down since 6/26/11! That means I’m over 30% of the way to my goal of losing 80 pounds.

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One Response to Summer & Liquid Diets

  1. Janet says:

    I am totally with you on the weather. I thought summer was over in Germany but it has just returned with a bang. One day it’s 20 degrees Clesius, the next 33 degrees. I can’t wait for autmn to eventually start. I also can’t really eat during this weather. When I lived in Ghana a few years ago I actually lost weight without having to do much. It was just too hot to eat much. 😉
    Keep it up.

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