Low Salt, High(er) Anxiety

At the doctor’s last week, I gave up a vial or two of blood for testing to make sure I’m doing OK with the liquid diet. Everything was in the normal range except sodium, which is a couple of decimal points south of the ideal range. Technically, hyponatremia. I wish they wouldn’t give it a medical name.

I’m not too freaked out, since my potassium was squarely in the normal range, but I’ll be honest, I’m a little freaked out. We are supposed to drink half our weight in water while on this plan (e.g. 100 oz. for someone who is 200 pounds – I’m a little over 100 oz.), and that, not surprisingly, can dilute electrolytes. Plus, the temperature has been set to blast furnace for the past month, so I’m not the only person in town who glistens for at least part of the day even if I’m sitting stock still. And, of course, the shake/supplements aren’t particularly high in sodium.

The nurse noted on the lab results that I should increase my pickle intake. I am out of pickles right now, so instead drank a cup of water with a dissolved chicken bouillon cube in it, which I have to admit was mighty tasty.

I’ve been craving salty snacks for the past several days, and typing that sentences makes me wonder if perhaps there is a correlation between my cravings and my lower sodium level. Better bouillon than many other salty snacks I can think of, for sure.

I’m a bit anxious about going to the gym today, so my goal will be to go, but not to push it very hard at all. I really would prefer to never have another dehydration episode ever again, pleaseandthankyou. I cannot, however, return to the high-salt, no exercise lifestyle, because that has not done me any favors.

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