Report from Class

Our group met last night, as we do every week, so I was able to share my anxiety about the low sodium result from my blood work.

But, first, before class and as promised at the end of the last post, I went to the gym. I walked only a mile, and it took a whole 20 minutes because I wasn’t pushing, but I did it, and that was a good thing. I got lapped three times by the visually-impaired guy who uses a cane, but to be fair to me, he was using the inside lane and sometimes jogging.

I weighed in at class, and was down 4.5 pounds from the prior week. I’ll take it!

The class leader said that I should not worry, that it was not at all unusual for at least several group members to have low sodium levels. Of course, I was the only one who did, but I have a habit of being a medical outlier, so that didn’t surprise me. I’m going to keep calm, keep drinking my bouillon (or eating my pickles), and push ahead.

Damn, it sure would be nice to lose another 4.5 pounds by next Wednesday. I’m quite sure a big loss like that will be followed up with a 1-pound week, so I won’t get disappointed. I’ll remain hopeful, however, because why not?

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