Taste Cravings, Homemade Gatorade

I’ve begun to crave tastes. Not really food, but flavors and, to a certain degree, texture. On days I exercise, I can have either an egg or a piece of cheese. To help with my low sodium, I’m drinking chicken broth from bouillon. I’m guessing that having just that little bit of variety has triggered a desire for much more variety. If eating is what drives my will to exercise, I guess that will work out OK.

I can tell that the salt is building back up, because the rings I’ve been just on the brink of being able to wear are, once again, tighter. Sigh. Maybe a whole bouillon cube is extreme.

The nutritionist recommended that, before exercising, I try a quarter-teaspoon of sea salt and a big squeeze of lemon stirred into a glass of water. Apparently, that approximates the electrolytes in Gatorade. I need to hit the store to get a lemon, but hope to try that today. I suppose I could put a drop or two of lemon or orange extract in if I really wanted to approximate a sports drink.

We shall see.

It dawned on me this morning that I’m closing in on the 200 pound mark. That will be a nice one to cross. Since weight loss is pretty much a given if you follow this liquid diet, I know that I’ll make it, so am not all that excited. I’m more apprehensive about how I’ll manage to keep living so that I never see it approaching again from the other direction. There will be time to worry about that another day, though, so today, I’m focused on getting work done and getting to the gym.

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